What we do


My approach to coaching is founded on the assumption that, given the right environment, people are wholly able to think for themselves so well that they can solve their own problems and dilemmas. My offer as a coach is to create the environment that will keep you thinking for yourself. I do that by providing a space that is brimming with attention to your thinking process, generating questions that help you deeply explore, move forward into new territory, surface and dismantle limiting assumptions, and clear the path for new decisions, actions and attitudes. Clients often express surprise at how far they have gone with their thinking in the time spent, and at the results they’ve been able to achieve.


I work with leaders who want to make significant change in the culture of their organisations; who are looking for more effective ways of working with their people; or who are encountering difficulties in the way people and teams work together. I will work with you to thoroughly understand your concerns and your context. I will help you identify the changes that will bring the most benefit, and co-create the actions, processes or interventions that will enable those changes. This is often an iterative process of experimentation, reflection and learning, helping leaders navigate complex and continuous change. Clients appreciate the sense of ownership and confidence they develop in the change process, as well as the increase in their ability to engage their people to perform at their best in uncertain and challenging times.


I run courses on all aspects of creating a thinking culture at work. You might choose to start with developing your own independent thinking, honing your ability to listen deeply to others and to yourself, to challenge and remove limiting assumptions and transform your ability to think your own way through personal and work challenges that had previously defeated you. The Thinking Partnership® is the place to start. Or you may want to transform group or team meetings from repetitive, time-consuming and inefficient, to crucibles of fresh thinking that actively encourage and build upon the unique contribution of everyone present. Transforming Meetings is for you. If you want an introduction to all aspects of the Thinking Environment®, check out The Thinking Environment Foundation Course. If you already have some experience of working in a Thinking Environment®, I offer bespoke programmes on Being a Thinking Environment and Creating a Thinking Culture. Find your perfect programme here.


Large and small groups all benefit from expert facilitation to get the most out of meetings and offsites. We provide a crucible for innovation, authentic communication and fresh thinking. Always at the forefront of our work is respect for individuals, and creating a space that is safe for learning. We are always willing to challenge assumptions and stale patterns of behaviour that aren’t working. We make creative use of strong processes such as Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, World Cafe and the Thinking Environment ®, working with leaders and teams to design meetings and offsites that work in your specific context and deliver real results.